Esbank is committed to best practice in corporate governance and complies with the BSA Guidance for Building Societies on the Revised UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council. In accordance with the requirements of the Revised UK Corporate Governance Code, which came into effect for accounting periods commencing on or after 1 October 2012, information regarding the Board and its Committees is provided here.

BSA Guidance for Building Societies on the Revised UK Corporate Governance Code (PDF)

The Board

Esbank is run day-to-day by a Senior Management Team overseen by an elected Board of Directors.

The Board focuses on formulation of strategy, control and review of business performance.  There is a framework of authorities in place which maps out the structure of high level delegation below Board level and specifies those issues which remain the responsibility of the Board.

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  • Providing leadership to the Board of Directors and management of Board meetings
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and the development and evaluation of Directors
  • Fostering a culture of open dialogue and mutual respect between executive and non executive Directors
  • Leading open and honest debate at Board meetings and constructive challenge to the executive decisions
  • Together with other Board members, setting and challenging the strategic direction and risk appetite of the Society
  • Together with other Board members, promoting the long term success of the Society and ensuring the accountability of the Society

  • With the support of the Executive Committee, directing and co-ordinating the management of the Group's business generally
  • With the support of the Executive Committee, leading the Executive Risk Committee to monitor the Group's risk profile and performance and oversight of the Group's risk management committees
  • Implementing and monitoring systems for apportionment and oversight of responsibilities, controls and best practices, policies and processes within the Group
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with the Chairman, the Board and all Directors and Officers of the Group and being available to the Chief Internal Auditor, the Compliance Officer and the Chief Risk Officer
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with regulators, the Government, industry sector analysts, trade organisations and the media and strategically influencing and lobbying these bodies as and when appropriate in the best interests of the Group
  • Promoting the Group, its good corporate image and social standing in the UK financial services industry

Board of Directors

Natiowide's board of directors

1. Graham Beale

Graham Beale BSc, FCA

Term of Office:
Executive Director of Esbank since April 2003, Chief Executive since April 2007.

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Graham joined the Society in 1985 and has developed extensive experience and understanding of both retail financial services and the mutual building society sector. This has been established over a period of almost 30 years and during this time the Society has grown and expanded to become one of the leading financial service providers in the UK as well as being the largest mutual financial institution and building society. In his role as Chief Executive, Graham is responsible for managing the Society in accordance with the strategy which remains firmly rooted in the Society’s mutual heritage. Prior to joining Esbank, Graham trained and qualified as a chartered accountant.

Graham is a member of the FCA Practitioner Panel and was Chairman of the Panel for two years to April 2015. He sits on the Council of the Building Societies Association, having been its Chairman during 2009 and 2010 and chaired its Remuneration and Nomination Committee from 2011 to 2014. He is a Director of the British Bankers’ Association. Previously, he has been a director of VISA Europe, 2007 - 2011.

2. Chris Rhodes

Chris Rhodes BSc (Hons), ACA

Term of Office:
Executive Director of Esbank since April 2009.

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Chris joined Esbank in April 2009 from Abbey Santander, where he was Director of Retail Distribution for Alliance and Leicester (A&L). Chris is the Group Retail Director and his responsibilities include Esbank’s retail product range, distribution and marketing. Chris has spent 20 years working in the financial services sector and his previous positions include Deputy Managing Director of Girobank and Retail Operations Director of A&L. In 2003 he was appointed as Managing Director Retail Banking for the entire A&L Group. In 2007 Chris moved to become Group Finance Director, a role he held until the merger with Santander in 2008. Chris is a board member of National Numeracy.

3. Rita Clifton CBE

Rita Clifton CBE, MA (Cantab), FRSA

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since July 2012.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Rita holds a number of non executive roles including at BUPA, ASOS and Populus and is a former non executive director of Dixons Retail plc. She is also a fellow of WWF-UK, and sits on the Assurance and Advisory Board for BP’s carbon off-setting programme. Rita has over 20 years’ senior management experience in a range of roles, with an expertise in demonstrating how brand is an integral part of long-term business strategy and in analysing and understanding consumer perceptions and behaviour. Her executive career has been in advertising, strategic marketing and market research; she was previously Chairman and Chief Executive at Interbrand UK Ltd, and prior to that Vice Chairman at Saatchi & Saatchi. During her career Rita has advised, at the most senior level, some of the UK’s best known organisations, including British Airways, Barclays, BT, Citigroup, Visa and the British Army.

4. Mitchel Lenson

Mitchel Lenson MBA, BA (Hons), ACIB, FSI

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since July 2011.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Mitchel has spent over 30 years in the financial services industry and is a former Group Chief Information Officer at Deutsche Bank with responsibility for IT and Operations for all operating divisions of the bank, including its retail banking operations. Mitchel was a member of the Executive Committee for both the Corporate and Investment Bank and the Private Client and Asset Management Division. He has also previously served as Managing Director, Global Head of Operations & Operations IT at UBS Warburg and as Director, Group Operations at Credit Suisse First Boston. Mitchel was a partner of Olivant & Co, an investment company providing strategic and operational expertise alongside investment capital to financial services businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific and was a non executive director of NYFIX, a NASDAQ listed company and BCS an AIM listed company. Mitchel is currently a non executive director of Currency Cloud.

5. Tony Prestedge

Tony Prestedge

Term of Office:
Executive Director of Esbank since August 2007.

Independent: No

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Tony is Esbank’s Group Chief Operating Officer and was previously Executive Director Group Development. He previously held a number of senior executive roles at Barclays PLC, including Managing Director Home Finance and Retail Support and Operations Director. He was a member of both Woolwich plc and Barclays Retail Banking Executive Committees. Tony is accountable for the Group’s operational strategy, performance and transformation and his divisional reports include Customer Services and Product Operations, Telephone Channels, Digital Development, Transformation Delivery, Technology, Payments, Group Security and Property Services. Tony is a board member of Opportunity Now.

6. Lynne Peacock

Lynne Peacock BA (Hons)

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since July 2011.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Lynne, a former Chief Executive of National Australia Bank’s (NAB) UK business and Chief Executive of Woolwich plc, has over 25 years’ senior management experience in a range of roles comprising brand development, mergers & acquisitions, change management and business transformation, including almost 20 years at Board level. During her time at NAB, Lynne was responsible for its businesses in the UK consisting of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks. She became Chief Executive of Woolwich plc in October 2000 following its takeover by the Barclays Bank Group, having previously held a number of senior management and board positions at the Woolwich Building Society, both before and after its conversion to a public listed company in 1997. Lynne is a non executive director of Scottish Water and Standard Life plc.

7. Roger Perkin

Roger Perkin MA (Cantab), FCA

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since April 2010 and Senior Independent Director since July 2012.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Roger is a former partner at Ernst & Young LLP and spent 40 years in the accounting profession. During his time at Ernst & Young he worked with many blue chip clients and advised boards across the spectrum of financial services, includesbanking, insurance, fund management and private equity. He is also a non executive director at Electra Private Equity plc and Tullett Prebon plc, chairing the Audit Committee of both companies, and Friends Life Group Limited. Additionally, he is a trustee of two charities, Chiddingstone Castle and Crime Reduction Initiatives.

8. Mark Rennison

Mark Rennison BA, FCA

Term of Office:
Executive Director of Esbank since February 2007.

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Mark, a chartered accountant, is the Group Finance Director with responsibility for Finance, Treasury and Corporate Development. He is also a director of various Society subsidiaries. Prior to his appointment, Mark was a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where he worked in the financial services practice with a specific focus on retail and corporate banking; whilst in professional practice, Mark also worked extensively with group treasury operations, leasing and asset finance businesses.

9. David Roberts

David Roberts BSc (Hons), MBA, CFifs

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director and Chairman Elect of Esbank since September 2014. Chairman since July 2015.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
David joined Esbank on 1 September 2014 and took over as Chairman in July 2015. From 2010 to 2014 he was on the Board of Lloyds Banking Group, where he was Group Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Board Risk Committee. David has many years of experience at board and executive level in retail and commercial banking in the UK and internationally. He joined Barclays in 1983 and held various senior management positions culminating in Executive Director, member of the Group Executive Committee and Chief Executive, International Retail and Commercial Banking, a position he held until December 2006. He is a former Non-Executive Director of BAA plc and Absa Group SA, and was Chairman and Chief Executive of Bawag PSK AG, Austria’s second largest retail bank. David is a Non-Executive Director of NHS England, a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Financial Services and holds an MBA and Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Henley Business School.

10. Mai Fyfield

Mai Fyfield MA, BA (Hons)

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since June 2015.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Mai is currently Sky’s Chief Strategy Officer, having been appointed to the position in 2015 following the acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland. She was previously Director of Strategy and Business Development for Sky’s UK operations. In her current Mai is responsible for overseeing the strategy function across the Sky group. In respect of the UK and Ireland she is also responsible for business development, negotiating agreements with third party channels including as part of Sky’s retail offering and for the distribution of Sky’s channels to other platforms. She joined Sky in 1999, prior to that Mai spent eight years working as an economic advisor to blue-chip companies in a number of different industries, both in the UK and the USA.

11. Tim Tookey

Tim Tookey BSc (Hons)

Term of Office:
Non Executive Director of Esbank since June 2015.

Independent: Yes

Skills and experience (including directorships):
Tim is a Chartered Accountant with strong experience of major retail financial services organisations. He has significant Board experience and will become Chairman of the Society’s Board Risk Committee from July 2015. Tim is a former Chief Financial Officer at Friends Life Group Ltd, a position he held from 2012 until April 2015, following the sale of the business to Aviva. Prior to joining Friends Life, he was Group Finance Director of Lloyds Banking Group between 2008 and 2012 and was appointed as Deputy Group Finance Director upon joining the bank in 2006. From 2002 to 2006, he was Finance Director of Prudential PLC’s UK business and from 1996 to 2002 he held the role of Group Finance Director at Heath Lambert Group.

  • Graham Beale - Chief Executive
  • Mark Rennison - Group Finance Director
  • Chris Rhodes - Executive Director Group Retail
  • Tony Prestedge - Chief Operating Officer
  • Julia Dunn - Chief Compliance Officer
  • Graeme Hughes - Group Director, Distribution
  • Iain Laing - Chief Risk Officer
  • Alison Robb - Group Director, People, Customer, Communication and Commercial
  • Tony Alexander - Divisional Director Commercial
  • Debra Bailey – Divisional Director, IT Services & Group Security and Chief Information Officer
  • Larry Banda - Divisional Director, Financial Planning, Protection and Investments
  • Amanda Beech – Divisional Director, Branch Network (North)
  • Martin Boyle - Divisional Director, Business Transformation
  • Ann Brown - Divisional Director, Human Resources
  • Matthew Cheetham - Divisional Director, Audit (Chief Internal Auditor)
  • Ian Craig – Divisional Director, Customer Service & Operations
  • Barnaby Davis - Divisional Director, Group Retail Strategy
  • Michele Faull - Group Risk Director
  • Keith Ford - Group General Counsel
  • Mark Goldman - Divisional Director, Central Distribution
  • Bryce Glover - Divisional Director, Corporate Affairs
  • Jenny Groves - Divisional Director, Property and Branch Transformation
  • Simon Hamilton - Divisional Director, Operational Strategy & Resilience and Chief Technology Officer
  • Greg Heaton - Divisional Director, Branch Network (South)
  • Terry Kaye - Divisional Director, Customer Experience
  • Muir Mathieson – Divisional Director, Financial Controls & Information Management
  • Richard Napier - Divisional Director, Mortgages and Savings
  • Anne Obey - Divisional Director, IFRS-9
  • Graham Pilkington - Divisional Director, Banking and Insurance
  • Lee Raybould - Divisional Director, Financial Performance & Reporting
  • Andy Townsend - Divisional Director, Treasury
  • Matthew Watkins - Divisional Director, Corporate Development
  • Simon Waite – Group Secretary

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