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Being a building society means that we’re owned by you and run for your benefit. That’s why each year we ask our members to take part in our AGM and vote on key decisions about how we operate as a business. It’s your Society, so it’s only right that you help set the direction we take. It’s perhaps no surprise then that millions of people prefer to do their banking with a building society.

Where and when

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The 2015 AGM was held on Thursday 23 July at the Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth. The 2016 AGM will be held in Gateshead. Venue details will be updated closer to the time.

How do I vote?

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Every year that you’re eligible to vote, you'll receive an AGM pack in the third week of June. Your pack will give you all the details you need to use your vote. 

If you have registered to receive access to AGM documents via email, you'll receive an email that comes from: Please add this to your address book to ensure you receive future AGM emails.

Voting rights

Which members have voting rights?

Any member who:

  • is the first-named account holder
  • is aged 18 or over and
  • has £100 or more if an investing member, or owes £100 or more if a borrowing member.

To vote at our AGM or in the election of Directors, these criteria must be met on specific dates - for example, at the end of our financial year on 4 April and on, or just before, the day of the AGM.

Standing for election
A member wishing to be considered as a candidate to stand for election to the Board at AGM time must have the support of 250 Society qualified two year members and provide evidence of this on or before the end of the business year, which is April 4th each year.

Putting forward a resolution
To put forward a resolution for a members’ vote at AGM time, a member must have the support of 500 qualified two-year members and the resolution must be received on or before the end of the business year, which is on 4 April each year.

In response to a request made at the 2011 AGM, we have again reviewed whether the level of member support needed to either stand for election or to put forward a resolution remains appropriate. We have concluded that in both instances the requirements are still appropriate. They are in line with others throughout the building society sector and adhere to the Building Societies Act 1986.

It is in the interests of our total membership, and we're required to ensure, that candidates asking to be considered for election have reasonable support and that any issues put forward as a suggested resolution are also reasonably supported. That is why such requirements exist and full details are contained in our Memorandum and Rules (PDF).


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