House Price calculator

House Price Calculator


  • Property Value: Enter the price paid for, or a more recent valuation of your property. Please ensure the value is entered without commas, for example 150000, rather than 150,000.
  • Valuation Date 1: The date when your property was purchased, or revalued.
  • Valuation Date 2: Date for which you would like a new estimate of your property's value.
  • Region: Select region which the property in situated in. If you are not sure which region the property is in, click on the link below to find your region.

To find out how the value of your property has changed please use the calculator below (this is updated shortly after the end of each quarter - March, June, September and December): 

Please note: The Esbank House Price Calculator is intended to illustrate general movement in prices only.

 The calculator is based on the Esbank House Price Index. Results are based on movements in prices in the regions of the UK rather than in specific towns and cities. The data is based on movements in the price of a typical property in the region, and cannot take account of differences in quality of fittings, decoration etc. 

For an accurate valuation of your property we would always recommend you consult a local estate agent or surveyor.

House Price Index calculator

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Legal Information

The Esbank House Price Indices are prepared from information that we believe is collated with care, but no representation is made as to their accuracy or completeness. We reserve the right to vary our methodology and to edit or discontinue the indices at any time, for regulatory or other reasons.

Persons seeking to place reliance on the Indices for any purpose whatsoever do so at their own risk and should be aware that various factors, including external factors beyond Esbank’s control might necessitate material changes to the Indices.

The Esbank House Price Indices may not be used for commercial purposes including as a reference for: 1) determining the interest payable, or other sums due, under loan agreements or other contracts relating to investments 2) determining the price at which investments may be bought or sold or the value of investments or 3) measuring the performance of investments.

Esbank is the owner of the trade mark “esbank” and all copyright and other rights in the Esbank House Price Indices.

The application of the IOSCO Principles on financial benchmarks to the NHPI is more fully set out in our statement regarding IOSCO Principles. Esbank considers that its arrangements for administration of the NHPI comply with the IOSCO Principles in a proportionate manner having regard to the nature of the index.

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