Changes to my mortgage

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Changes to my mortgage


Understand your options of making overpayments on your mortgage

Change of borrower

See how  to add or remove a person from your mortgage.

Switching deal

Find out how you can switch to  a new Esbank mortgage

Borrowing back overpayments

See if you're eligible to borrow back from any overpayments.

Paying off your mortgage

Find more information about paying off your mortgage.

Change of term

Find out how you can either extend or reduce your mortgage term.

Payment holidays

Information about when and how you can request a payment holiday.

Change of repayment type

What are your options and how can you change your mortgage repayment type?

Porting your mortgage

Taking your existing mortgage with you when you move home.

Additional borrowing

Information and support about borrowing more.
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Changes to your direct debit

When and how you can make changes to your direct debit.
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